Memory Craft

Welcome to Memory Craft

Memory: (noun) An image or impression of what is remembered – fond memories of youth; a place where information can be stored for later retrieval.

Craft: (noun) Skill in planning or making (dexterity) or a trade that requires dexterity or artistic skill the painter’s craft or the craft of quilting.

Welcome to Memory Craft, dedicated to helping you keep your stories.

We all have stories we want to preserve.  Some are big, life-changing events or unforgettable milestones.  Others are everyday moments that mark the passing of each day.  A memory might be triggered by sights, sounds or smells.  Perhaps it is a gesture, a color, the sound of a raindrop, the smell of a favorite food, the laughter of a child, a snipped of a familiar piece of music.

We choose different ways to preserve our memories.  You might create scrapbooks in digital or traditional formats, journals, blogs, fabric, mixed media, music or a unique combination of these or other approaches.

Don’t let the moments get lost.  We can help you keep your stories.



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