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The case for imperfection

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.
Henry van Dyke

I have been accused of being a perfectionist.   It always makes me bristle.  “Ridiculous!”  I shout.  And, as proof,  I argue that my work isn’t perfect.  Turns out,  That is a classic symptom.  So is my tendency to take waaaay too long to do just about everything,  typically a result of redoing or overthinking or restarting or, worse yet,  not starting.  All in all, strong evidence of a perfectionist – or at very least, perfectionist tendencies.

It is not like I don’t know I’m doing it.  I am aware that that I am taking too long and tell myself to consider it done and move on to the next thing.  And I do to – you know, right after just one last adjustment.  It is time to get that under control.

I need to let it go so I can accomplish more in less time.   And finish more.  Take for example past efforts to keep a journal – or blog for that matter  – to track progress.  Inevitably I miss a day and then feel compelled to ‘catch up’  before moving forward, which obviously somewhat defeats the purpose.

What was my point – oh yeah, not a perfectionist.

Perhaps I could stretch the truth just a little and claim to be a ‘recovering perfectionist’ (read that somewhere at it appeals to me).  I’ve made some progress but not nearly enough.  It is time to again take up the charge and embrace imperfection.

Perfection stifles creativity AND productivity.

Aim for progress, not perfection and just get started





Aim for progress.
Aim for excellence.
Be realistic- about time, expectations, and resources.
Don’t wait for the perfect time.
Start today.  TAKE ACTION NOW!!

If you have stories to tell, don’t let perfection be an excuse for getting started. Don’t worry that you have all the details exactly right.  Do not stress over finding the perfect font, the ideal picture the best quote.

Even the biggest failure beats the hell out of not tryingGet it started.  You can always refine or revise – to a point of course.

Progress, not perfection!




Where are you on the perfectionist scale?   Are you a perfectionist and proud of it? A sometimes or situational perfectionist? A denying or recovering perfectionist? Or perhaps you are the polar opposite of a perfectionist – would that be an unperfectionist – or maybe anti-perfectionist?

Share strategies you use to make sure that perfectionism doesn’t become procrastination.

Let go for a fresh start

Get rid of stuff

Over the past few months I have resolved to make a more focused effort to reduce the amount of stuff that I have accumulated.   I have started this blog to track progress, create accountability and share some strategies.

One of the biggest challenges around reducing collected artifacts is the tendency to attribute too much importance to any one item.  I find, for example, that it is difficult to get rid of somethings because they evoke memories of people or places or events or trips or something else that I don’t want to forget.

Why it is so hard to let go

The reasons excuses that I have for getting rid of things include:

  • “It was a gift.”
  • “I might use it — someday.”
  • “Maybe I will need that.”
  • “I’ve had it for too long.”
  • “I haven’t had it long – you never know.”
  • “Oh, I remember when I got this because…”
  • “But I got this when (or ‘at’, or ‘during’)…”

Sound familiar at all?

Simplify Simplify Simplify

The old way hasn’t work so it is time for a new strategy.  Rather than setting multiple goals and making big plans,  it is time for a new approach.   Simplify.  My new mantra and it is all encompassing.

  • Too many things complicating your life?

 Reduce the clutter to SIMPLIFY.

  •  Too many projects on the go?

Set priorities and say no to SIMPLIFY

  • Too many unfinished crafts or other ‘someday’ projects?

Pass them on to others or get some help to SIMPLIFY

  • Too many distractions?

Put down your phone, resist social media, unsubscribe to SIMPLIFY

You get the idea.

And that is the origins for my Keep-the-Stories project.  I’m on a quest to record the stories and get rid of the stuff.   I’m going to share some of my efforts as well as some prompts and strategies that might help you reduce, declutter and simplify.

I hope you will join my challenge to keep their stories – and reduce the stuff.   Today is a perfect time to start.

Are you like me in having trouble letting go of things?  What are your  biggest hurdles to letting go?